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What are Orthotics?

They are custom-made insoles that provide better support for the foot structure, reducing pain and increasing athletic performance. To ensure you get the perfect fit, our professionals at HealthyToDos conduct a thorough assessment and a fitting appointment.

How Does it Help?

Focusing on your feet, ankles, or lower body, it relieves areas of pressure from injured areas. It evenly distributes the weight across your foot which prevents any deformity. They give full support to your foot, ensuring stability and proper alignment. 

What are Signs you need Orthotics?

  • Flat feet
  • High arches
  • Heel pain
  • Foot pain or swelling
  • Achilles pain

Generally speaking, you are recommended to visit a healthcare professional when you are feeling any discomfort or pain on your feet. They can then assess your condition and professionally determine if orthotics would be a good fit for you.

What is the Difference between Custom Versus Premade Orthotics?

Custom Orthotics:
While they may look the same, custom orthotics are prescribed by healthcare professionals and are tailored to your feet measurements, designed to help your condition. High quality materials vary depending on the type of orthotic requested, but they typically include specialized foams and rigid plastics which make them longer-lasting. The materials and effectiveness combined, justify why they are more costly than premade orthotics.

Premade Orthotics:
On the other hand, premade orthotics are made for the general public. They are cheaper, but they are not adjusted or customized to your needs and do not provide the same level of support or comfort compared to custom orthotics. The materials used are also more generic, making a difference in durability. When an incorrect type of orthotics are worn and the required support is not given, it could worsen your condition or cause pain elsewhere. 

How Often Should You Wear Your Orthotics?

When you first get custom orthotics, it is recommended to start slowly and gradually wear them more often as you get used to it, but it is important to follow your healthcare provider’s directions. However, wearing them during activities such as workouts or standing for extended periods, are far more important than when you are sitting at a desk. Having regular follow-up appointments are also crucial. They can make adjustments to your orthotics as needed and provide any further instructions on replacements or usage. 

How Long do Orthotics Last?

Each orthotic lifespan varies depending on the material used, maintenance and usage:


Custom orthotics are made used higher quality materials, lengthening the lifespan
Premade orthotics are made using more generic materials, shortening the lifespan


Keeping orthotics clean by airing them out to prevent moisture and avoiding direct sunlight or exposure to direct heat can lengthen the lifespan


Using them more often is naturally going to decrease their lifespan
Wearing them during intense exercise or sports can also affect their longevity 

Can I Claim Insurance for Custom Orthotics?

In Ontario, custom orthotics are eligible for claim, depending on your insurance provider and package. Please give your insurance provider a call to ask about your requirements!

If you have any questions and wish to explore options for orthotics in the Markham or GTA area, you can book a discovery call with Dr. David Tam to start your journey towards creating a healthier you!


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